Thursday, July 25, 2013

DayZ Part 3 Update

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the low amount of work that has been put into this blog. We'll be taking better care of it from now on. For this post, we're focusing on Real Life DayZ Part 3.

 Since DayZ is an open world game and doesn't have dedicated characters, we have the freedom of basing stories off of our own characters while still playing towards what the game offers.The footage so far looks great and the acting has improved from the past. Here's a list of some of the things we're incorporating:

  • Bandits
  • Street clothing
  • Zombie mechanics (jumping etc)
  • Trust factor
  • Chance encounters
  • DayZ related weapons and equipment
Improvements from the previous two videos: 
  • Audio
  • Acting
  • Costumes
  • Color correction
  • SFX
  • Length
  • Story and plot holes
  • Action
So far, we've filmed a good chunk of the middle, but we haven't touched the beginning or end yet. That probably amounts to having 60% of the thing filmed. Here are some shots of what you can expect:

  The color correction isn't final but it does look pretty good for now. After seeing these shots I think you guys can ease your fears about us getting better costumes and taking the time to add more dirt. As the script looks now, there's a pretty good balance between action and story this time around. If everything goes as planned we could be looking at a release date around early or mid September. 

  It's been quite the challenge trying to film this since we're still working on zero budget (we were able to break even though!). This will probably be our last big project for a while as I would like to transition into more short form videos since they're easier to film and I can upload them faster. Still, DayZ has been quite the surprising ride so far. 

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